Amy Wright Glenn
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Private Prenatal Yoga Classes

Your yoga class helped me more than all the childbirth classes I took. In labor, I just kept reminding myself to keep making the low pitched moans and do the rocking micro movements. Thank you for all you taught me these last few months!

Kristina, FL
Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Private classes for expectant mothers and/or couples

with Amy Wright Glenn

During labor, I surrendered myself to the discomfort, stayed in movement, and breathed in peace while exhaling the sound “haaaa.” Amy’s class supplied me with the tools I needed for my natural birth to be as wonderful as it was.

— Linda, FL

Amy combines great love, skill, and calm as she leads transformative, private, 90-minute long prenatal yoga classes for expectant mothers (partners are welcome to join) in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, FL.

Having taught prenatal yoga for nearly a decade and practiced yoga daily throughout her own pregnancy, Amy knows first hand that pregnant women benefit deeply on all levels through prenatal yoga.

A pregnant woman benefits physically  as she supports her body in the transformative months of pregnancy. Lower back pain, sore muscles, and general tensions ease through the practice. Women experience an increased sense of physical strength and energy. In particular, the practice of breath awareness and conscious exhales accompanied by sounds help prepare women to skillfully ride the waves of contractions during the physical challenges of labor.

Through prenatal yoga, a woman benefits emotionally to make space for the wondrous and beautiful feelings found in pregnancy as well as concerns, fears, and anxieties. Furthermore, prenatal yoga truly supports women in opening the heart to the sacred dimensions of being pregnant. In taking the time to hold the belly, meditate mindfully, and marvel at the transformative love associated with a healthy motherhood, the spirit is opened to great mysteries.

In a culture that objectifies the female form and highlights a singularly narrow vision of what constitutes beauty, prenatal yoga offers a great healing to women as they embrace their expanding breasts and bellies and affirm the uniquely feminine power of bringing forth the next generation. The cost is $90 per 75-minute class.

Amy also teaches a 2-hour Breath and Movement Birth Preparation class for expectant couples.

For those interested in online support, Amy highly recommends the Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness program.