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Teaching children meditation


Free 45-minute webinar

Saturday July 1st, 2017

10am EST

Recordings of webinar available for purchase for $30.


Do you have an active meditation practice? Or, did you have one before becoming a parent?

Even if you are completely new to meditation, are you interested in building upon the proven benefits of this practice and encouraging your children to join you in cultivating mindfulness?

Author, mother, and meditation teacher Amy Wright Glenn reflects often upon the benefits of introducing children to mindfulness based practices and seated meditation practice. As a Mommy & Me Yoga teacher, Amy has supported many mothers in their efforts to cultivate mindfulness with their children. She writes on what it means to integrate yoga practice with mothering and was featured in the Wall Street Journal on the topic.

Join Amy for a free 45-minute webinar on July 1st 2017 focusing on teaching children meditation. Register via email by contacting Amy. Recordings of the webinar are available for $30.

“One conscious breath in and out is a meditation.”

 ~ Eckhart Tolle

  • June 19, 2017
  • By Amy Wright Glenn