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About The Institute



The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death is an inspiring and nurturing professional organization dedicated to furthering the development of all teachers and care providers with a specific emphasis on supporting teacher self care and the self  care of those trained in holding space for birthing, mindful living, and dying.

Since the March 2013 publication of her first book Birth, Breath, and Death — Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula, Amy Wright Glenn has emerged as an creative and nurturing leader inspiring professionals to consider self care in innovative ways.

Drawing upon research relating to resiliency, intersectionality, mindfulness, and happiness, Amy founded the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death in 2015. The Institute offers both individuals and institutions support with regard to nourishing the self care of those engaged in the caring professions.  The Institute offers members opportunities to develop confidence, insight, and self reflection as they engage in the work of caring, teaching, and nourishing the wellbeing of others.

As someone who taught comparative religion and philosophy at one of the top boarding schools in the United States, worked as a doula assisting women in childbirth, and served the dying/bereaved as a hospital chaplain, Amy brings a great deal of insight and clarity to reflections on self care.

Are you a teacher, chaplain, doula, midwife, or hospice worker? How do you nourish your own energies as you provide care and mindfully hold space for others? 

Are you involved in the work of caring for individuals as they move through life’s major transitions?  If so, how do you care for and nurture yourself? 

Is your institution facing teacher attrition or professional burn out? Is the pace of your life at your school sustainable? How do you nurture teacher self care? 

By crafting an Institute wherein individuals drawn to the caring profession can engage in mindful reflection on their own self care practices, Amy builds upon a powerful momentum in our culture seeking to bring more mindfulness and compassion to living, birthing, and dying.

Membership to the Institute is two-fold.

Individuals may join as members and benefit from monthly webinars as well as the support of an online community. Amy often interviews key leaders in the field of conscious birthing, living, and dying in the Institute’s hour long, monthly webinar. Amy also offers up her own evidence-based and intuitive insights.

Institutions may also join as members and Amy offers a three tiered approach to membership for schools and other professional organizations seeking to create a more sustainable and mindful workplace environment.

Learn more about membership today.