Amy Wright Glenn
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“… a remarkable book that I found very touching.”
– Ina May Gaskin

Why I am an intactivist

I am an intactivist. I believe all children have the right to genital integrity. Why do I believe this? On Wednesday, August 5th from 7-8pm, I’ll be presenting a live, free webinar detailing my journey as an intactivist. Learn more about the ethical questions raised by routine infant male circumcision in America and why I believe it is time to end this harmful practice. Pre-registration is required.

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Benefits of Institute Membership

Birth professionals and end-of-life care professionals often inquire about membership in my newly formed Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. All birth/death care professionals are welcome! Yet, you don’t need to be a professional involved in birth or death work. As long as you are interested in the subject at hand, you are warmly welcome.

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My Blog

I am a proud contributor to PhillyVoice. My PhillyVoice feature articles and advice column posts are read by hundreds of thousands. You can access an up-to-date listing of all of my PhillyVoice work here. On this blog, I share short, personal reflections. You are warmly welcome to subscribe.